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The Right Place At The Right Time

February 5, 2010

We’re at Bringhurst, CP LF363 on UP’s Terminal sub, just west of the Englewood ramp. The MEWFO (Manifest Englewood-Formosa Chemical Plant in Point Comfort, TX) has just been re-crewed.

NS SD60I on UP symbol MEWFO in Houston, TX, Feb 17, 2008

This is one of few open spots in this area where a decent photo is possible. But an ex-Conrail SD60I is on the point, so another photo is necessary. This being a Sunday afternoon, traffic shouldn’t be too bad on the US 59 frontage road overpass, about a mile west of here.

UP manifest MEWFO about to pass under US 59 in Houston, TX on Feb. 17, 2008

All of the brush mandated a head-on shot of the train from the overpass, but it does provide a good view of the conductor’s desk-top. On the same track as the MEWFO, in the background, you can see the headlight of the KCS grain train that I posted yesterday.

Getting into the car, I hear the KCS 4687 departing Englewood, so staying put was the best option for a shot of the grain train. The only problem was that it might be a while, as he was on the same track as the MEWFO. And I’m parked in the emergency lane of an overpass where cars are flying by at 50 mph.

KCS 4687, along with a rear DPU, just west of Englewood Yard on Feb. 17, 2008

Fortunately, he got to my location quickly, allowing me to get off the overpass.

I’d like to think that the DS knew my situation and chose to cross the KCS 4687 over to main one to minimize the time I’d have to wait to get this shot. Thank you dispatcher.

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