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On The Border

February 7, 2010

UP 4849 West approaches the bridge over Amistad Reservoir on May 11, 2006

UP’s Sunset Route has close calls with the U.S.-Mexico border at 6 points during its trek across the Southwest U.S. The above westbound nears the first of these points, the bridge crossing Lake Amistad Reservoir just west of Del Rio, Texas on May 11, 2006. The border at this point is 2 miles south of the UP right-of-way.

The other 5 close calls:

  1. Shumla, Texas – 1/2 mile away
  2. Langtry, TX – 1500′ away
  3. Just west of downtown El Paso, TX – 300′
  4. Anapra, NM – 30′ away (yes, 30 feet!)
  5. Yuma, AZ- 1.5 miles

The UP Sunset Route at Anapra, NM, its closest brush with the U.S.-Mexico border

Clicking on the image will allow you just how close the UP track is to the border in Anapra-about the width of a narrow street in mexico.

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