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KCS 4687, You Have Permission to Depart Englewood

February 4, 2010

Fresh crew on board, KCS 4687 departs the west end of Englewood Yard on Feb. 18, 2008

(Click the picture for a large version of the shot to see more detail)

KCS 4687 crosses over to main 1 as it departs UP’s Englewood Yard in Houston with a solid consist of new KCS grain hoppers. This train originated in Kansas City and will terminate somewhere in the interior of Mexico.

In the background, you can see Englewood bowl tower right at the top of the frame about 20% over from the right side.

To the left you can see Tower 68, where operators formerly controlled all the traffic through Englewood Yard. Traffic is now controlled by Terminal Dispatchers out of UP’s Spring, Texas Dispatch Center.

Tower 68 at the west end of UP's Englewood Yard in Houston

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