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BNSF Detour

August 15, 2012

I was on my way home from covering a deposition in the Medical Center this afternoon when I came across a westbound BNSF train waiting at CP SA014. I thought about stopping to get a shot or two of it, but the light was pretty marginal, so I continued homeward, westbound on Hwy 90.

I was nearing home when I heard BNSF 6263 calling for clearance through a Form B. I was tired and hungry, but I haven’t shot much BNSF recently, so a quick detour was in order. What’s another 30 minutes?

I ended up near MP 21.5, near the west end of a curve that runs between Dulles Avenue and US 59, the Southwest Freeway, overpass.  Some 10 minutes later, BNSF 6263 came into view.

BNSF ES44AC 6263 at Sugar Land TX

The crew responded to my wave by lightly tapping the whistle twice as they went by me. Unbeknownst to me at the moment, the conductor also had a big wave for me, which I discovered when processing these images.  Click the below image for a larger image.

BNSF ES44AC 6263 at Sugar Land TX

One last shot as the head end passes the 60mph speed board shortly before ducking under US 59.

BNSF ES44AC 6263 at Sugar Land TX

The DS had one more westbound about 20 minutes behind this BNSF, but that was “a bridge too far” for me. I wasn’t able to have lunch today, so dinner at home was more enticing.

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