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Out & About – August 9, 2012

August 10, 2012

I got out a bit this morning to catch at least one train this week. I heard the DS tell the QWCEW train, UP 8710, that he was ready for them at the east end of Sugar Land, CP SA025.

My plan was to catch the 8710 in the curve at the west end of Missouri City, CP SA019. Typical running time from CP SA025 to CP SA019 is about 10 minutes. Driving time from home to CP SA019 is about 10 minutes, so  I hit the door pronto.

My wait was literally less than one minute when the headlight of the QWCEW (Quality West Colton-Englewood) came into view as it leaned into the super-elevated curve.

Union Pacific SD70ACe 8710 on QWCEW freight train at Missouri City TX

As the head-end got by me, I noticed the lead motor seemed to be working fairly hard. Before I could wonder why, noticing that the 3 trailing motors were off-line provided the answer. The UP isn’t kidding about fuel conservation!

This train typically runs with DPU power, but I didn’t stick around to see what might be shoving as I wanted to get another shot of this train at West Junction.

A westbound was already there, waiting for the 8710 to clear up before continuing its trip to San Antonio.

UP SD70ACe 8710 at West Junction TX on QWCEW freight train

UP SD70ACe 8710 at West Junction TX on QWCEW freight train

UP SD70ACe 8710 at West Junction TX on QWCEW freight train

There was an interesting load in the train. It appears to be some sort of counter-weight for a massive crane. Emmert is a heavy-haul/ lift contractor based in Clackamas, Oregon near Portland. Regardless, it seems to be really heavy based on being loaded on 2 12-axle flat cars, QTTX 131101 and 131103.

Emmert load on 2 12-axle QTTX flat cars

I was curious where the Emmert load is headed but all I could learn from a trace this evening is that the load is at Settegast account bad order brake rigging.  Any additional information will be appreciated.

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  1. Lloyd B. permalink
    August 15, 2012 5:29 am

    I love the SP searchlight signal heads that are still around on the Glidden Subdivision! Seems like more of them are coming down here in San Antonio.

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