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We Meet Again – KCS NAFTA Unit

October 7, 2010

Back in February, I posted about the NAFTA commemorative paint scheme that KCS applied to two different locomotives. At the end of the post I noted that the unit had been re-numbered to KCS 4575.

So when I heard UP’s Glidden sub dispatcher tell KCS 4575 East to hold back at Willowbend (MP 374, UP Houston Terminal Sub) due to MOW work, I knew that I might have a chance to see it again.

Only one way to find out: grab the gear and head out the door. It was a quick 20 minute drive from home to Willowbend. Upon arrival, I could see see the train stopped several hundred yards short of the Willowbend grade crossing.

KCS 4575 East stretched out around the corner at West Junction on July 31, 2010

I walked down a bit to get a more head-on view. Props to the engineer for leaving the lights on.

The dispatcher advised the 4575 that he would cross over once a westbound got by him. Within a few minutes, a headlight appeared from the north (railroad east).

UP C44-9 9650 (ex SP8186) leads an empty rock train near West Jct. on July 31, 2010

The KCS conductor completes the roll-by inspection of the empty rock train.

As soon as the rock train cleared, the engineer on the 4575 complied with GCOR rule 5.8.2 (3) by sounding the whistle twice, advising that he was releasing the brakes to proceed.

KCS 4575 East, with BNSF 700 trailing, on the move again at Willowbend

KCS AC4400CW 4575 still sporting its NAFTA Railway commemorative logos, July 31, 2010

Once the 4575 cleared up, the radio was quiet. I took that as my cue to go back home and get back on task with whatever it was that I was doing…

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  1. Rick Malo permalink
    January 14, 2011 2:30 pm

    WOW! My old stompin’ grounds! I watched many a train come around that curve. I used to park off of Willowbend, where the east leg of the old wye came in off the line to Manchester and Tower 81, and walk up the track to the north switch to the mainline. Boy, that old track had a few broken rails and missing fishplates back in the ’70s. Is it still there? There used to be a signal on the mainline that I used to climb up and take pictures with my Mom’s old 110 camera. Sure wish I could find those pictures now. Thanks for the trip back in time.

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