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Y2K x 2

February 9, 2010

Once KCS had acquired a North-South route from the mid-west U.S. all the way to the interior of Mexico in the late 1990’s, they began marketing the company as the NAFTA Railway.

To commemorate the campaign, the KCS painted SD50 712 into the then-current gray scheme and re-numbered the unit to 2000. They also applied the logos of their 5 companies:  KCS/Tex-Mex/TFM/GWWR/Panama Canal Rwy.

KCS first NAFTA unit, SD50 712 at Knoche Yard in Kansas City, MO on Oct. 14, 1999

This unit was re-numbered back to its original number of 712 shortly after the above photo was taken when a “new and improved” 2000 arrived.

The second KCS NAFTA unit, AC4400CW 2000 at Kansas City on Jan. 29, 2001

The AC4400CW has since been re-numbered to KCS 4575, but it still has its special paint scheme.

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