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Expect the Expected

September 21, 2010

Mid-to-late afternoons on the Glidden sub mean one thing. Expect to see the QEWWC (Quality Englewood-West Colton) train. The QEWWC is typically called at Englewood around noon, placing it in my area 2-3 hours later.

The QEWWC is a daily priority manifest between Houston and Southern California.  The primary traffic on this train is petrochemical products, primarily chemical tank cars and covered hoppers with plastic pellets. The balance of traffic is general manifest.

As the UP likes to run the QEWWC  heavy, over 12,000 tons regularly, you’ll expect to see a 2 unit DPU on the rear.

UP's QEWWC comes out of the weeds at MP 15.6 in far southwest Houston on July 31, 2010

UP 7358 is about to take the signal at MP 15.6 on the Glidden sub, July 31, 2010

The typical DPU on the QEWWC has 2 units, July 31, 2010 being no exception

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