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SP B39-8 8006 Gets Around

September 19, 2010

Back when  GE B39-8’s were front-line power on the SP, they were used system-wide on expedited trains. The first group, 8000-8039, arrived in September, 1987.

They initially operated in sets of 4,  primarily on stack trains. Later, the sets were broken up and could be found in just about any combination of units.

SP 8006 leads a PXLAQ Sprint train into West Colton, CA on March 18, 1988

55 months later, to the day, the 8006 leads an ESDAF through Big Sandy, TX on Dec. 18, 1992

Today, some of these units are in local service around the Union Pacific system, but the majority are stored pending an upturn in business.

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