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Southern Pacific A-B-A-B-A Power Consist

April 28, 2010

SP GP40-2 7952 with SP manifest EUALM just outside of Eugene, OR on June 2, 1992

The EUALM was a daily manifest between Eugene, OR and UP’s Albina Yard in Portland, OR.  The June 2, 1992 edition of the train ran with an unusual power combination: an A-B-A-B-A set.

The second and fourth units are Tractive Effort Booster Units.  Known as TEBU’s for short, the SP received 14 of these road slugs in 1980.  They were re-built from retired U25B’s.

Technically not B-units because they lack a diesel motor, they were used primarily in Arizona and Texas. A recent post showed a TEBU on an aggregate train in Houston.

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