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Railroad State of the Art, 1944 and 2010

April 27, 2010

Amid it admirers, UP 844 departs Spring Junction (far north Houston) on April 11, 2010

With all of the UP 844-related hoopla the last several weeks, I had no intention of just posting a “pretty picture” of it. You’ve already seen pictures elsewhere, and there are other topics I’d like to cover.

Having said that, you might be thinking “Well, why did you just post another picture of it?”

I posted the shot because it illustrates two state-of-the-art railroad technologies, one from 1944 and one from 2010,  a span of 66 years.

UP 4-8-4 844 was a cutting-edge steam locomotive when built in 1944. “The FEF-3 class locomotives represented the epitome of dual service (passenger & freight) steam locomotive development”

As to the state-of-the-art railroad technology from 2010, I’ll leave that up to you to reveal in comments. You won’t win anything , but you will have bragging rights over the other two readers of  :=)

Remember, you can click on any image here to see a larger version.

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