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Perfect Timing

June 10, 2017

A common theme in all railfan imagery is light, i.e. battling with clouds that wreak havoc with the best laid plans one had for a particular scene. When I set up for this scene in DeQuincy LA this past April 21, 2017, I knew there was a chance that the clouds would shiv me, but little did I know just how sadistically the clouds would twist it in me.

Notice how there’s full sun when the scene begins. As the head end gets near, the clouds roll in. The clouds remain for the 90 seconds that the train is rolling by. As the DPU passes by me, the clouds opened up, providing nice light on the DeQuincy depot, now part of a small railroad museum.

Normally when I’m victimized by the clouds, I get pretty annoyed. But I actually laughed when I stopped the camera because the timing of the clouds was so perfect. In a Bizarro World sort of way.

Typically a scene like this would never grace your screen, but clouds or not, check out the grain train rolling by at track speed making lots of noise for the Hwy 12 grade crossing.

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