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Sounds Like Heaven

May 22, 2017

On second thought, I didn’t hear any harps. So maybe it doesn’t sound like heaven. Either way, that’s not the point.

I passed by the east end of Englewood Yard a few weeks ago to photograph a thing or two. I noticed a hump set start dragging a cut of cars over the hump. There wasn’t any decent stills from where I was at so I just watched the move. I was taken with the sound of 3 SD40-2’s working.

Then the metaphorical light came on-capture some video. It seemingly took forever to change lenses and switch the camera over to video, but I’m still happy to have captured the sounds of heaven – on earth.

PS – Note the slug unit, UPY 937. It has a rich history, starting out as an SP U25B. It was rebuilt in to a road slug, a TEBU in SP parlance. The UP needed slugs in the late 90’s, so they re-built this slug again, numbering it S319 in 9/1997. It was re-numbered into its current UPY number in 8/2003.

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  1. Howard Bingham permalink
    May 23, 2017 4:04 am

    Appears UP needs to do some erosion repair on the hump, good to see vintage EMD power still earing it’s keep, remember seeing the slug in SP paint when Hardy Shops were still open..

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