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Trust or Luck? You Decide.

April 24, 2017

So I had a job in Beaumont,TX last Friday, 4/21/2017. I was able to do a bit of railfanning there in the afternoon. Highlight of the time I was there was seeing the ZLAJX train pull up to a stop right next to me to await the arrival of an APABVR empty autorack train.

You don’t see too many Z trains with only one unit, much less one ancient, nearly 22-year-old ex-SP AC4400CW. UP 6318 was SP 280 in a previous life. Any shots out there of SP 280 from back in the day?

Nice to see the the trust UP has in this old warrior. Or was the power planner feeling lucky?

Light angles weren’t ideal, but the subject matter was!

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