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Out & About – June 29, 2014

June 29, 2014

The nice thing about living near the main line is I can work in a quick photo-op when I have an errand to run. I timed a doughnut run right before Amtrak #2 was due to pass by. At first I thought I could get good sun. But as #2 got closer, some heavy clouds moved in. I almost aborted the mission, but I fell prey to the sunk cost fallacy.

I set up near CP SA019 where UP 7071, the MEWEG-29, was waiting for #2. By the time #2 arrived, the cloud cover was thick enough to require an ISO of 1000, compared to 250 for full sun. So be it.

AMTK 165 came into view at 10:29 AM.


The red marker lights appear to be lighted, but I think it’s an illusion based on the fact that there’s no direct sun on the nose.


The trailing unit of the MEWEG, UP 3987, is ex-SP 9812.


One #2 cleared up, the MEWEG got the light to proceed west. As it resumed its trip westward, I resumed my trip to Shipley’s.

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