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Something’s Better Than Nothing

December 30, 2013

Amtrak’s P42DC 42 has finally made it through the Houston area. This is the locomotive that was recently re-painted into a special scheme recognizing our military veterans and their service. It’s a good-looking unit that I’ve been patiently waiting for an opportunity to photograph.

It led #2 yesterday morning, 12/29/2013. Despite the overcast skies, I left home about 30 minutes before the train was due through Sugar Land. Unfortunately for me, the train was running about 35 minutes early and I missed it. I considering driving to the Houston depot for some shots, but the conditions just didn’t warrant the effort.

It returned today, 12/30/2013, leading the westbound Sunset Limited. Of course, it was still overcast here, but there was a bigger problem. It gets dark about 6 PM, and the train doesn’t pass through my area until 7:30 PM.

I wasn’t going to try to photograph it , but concerned it might not pass through Houston again, I  had a last-minute change of heart.

Since something is better than nothing, I grabbed a camera at 7:20 PM and  headed to CP SA025. I had just enough time to park my truck such that its headlamps might get a bit of light on the nose of the train and take a few test shots before the crossing gates activated. 20 seconds later AMTK 42 blows by me at 55-60 mph as I trip the camera’s shutter.

AMTK P42DC 42 Veterans Commemorative unit leading westbound Sunset limited at Sugar Land TX 12/30/2013

It’s certainly not my best work, but it’s better than bupkus. And maybe, just maybe, the 42 stays on the Sunset Limited for another trip. That would put it through Houston this coming Friday morning. We’ll see…

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