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Out & About – June 3, 2013

June 3, 2013

Not a cloud in the sky here today, so I headed out after dinner to see what I might capture in the last hour of light.  As soon as I got in the car, I heard the  QEWWC, UP 8671, calling an approach at CP SA029.

Cool, a train right off the bat. The only problem was it was already 8 miles west of me.  As I considered my options, the DS told the QEWWC that he would see one eastbound shortly at Harlem, then continue west.

With that bit of info, I knew I could get ahead of this train. My destination was Richmond, to check out the stretch between MP 32-33.5 where the Glidden main runs northeast to southwest. Assuming I could find an open area, the light should be nice.

After scoping out the area briefly, my best choice was the N. 8th Street grade crossing. As I was parking, the detector at MP 30 announced the imminent arrival of the QEWWC. 5 minutes later, UP 8671 came into view at 7:07 P.M.

UP SD70ACe 8671 leads QEWWC train through Richmond TX

For a QEWWC, it was a short train, only 53 cars. That’s typical for a Monday. Nevertheless, there was still a DPU.  SD70ACe 8406 does the honors today.


The next train through was the westbound Sunset Limited. By the time it came through at 7:47 PM, the only open spot I could find that wasn’t covered in shadows was the west end of the Brazos River bridge. So be it.

Amtrak P42DC 168 leads train #1 across the Brazos River at Richmond TX

Amtrak Sunset Limited at Richmond TX

Amtrak Sunset Limited at Richmond TX

As there are 4 grade crossings in close succession here, #1 was really laying on the whistle. A nice change of pace for me because the entire Stafford/Sugar Land area is a quiet zone. I really need to shoot some video here…

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