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Dash Two Trio

January 28, 2013

I came across an unexpected sight earlier this evening. Returning from Pasadena around 7:30, I saw the silhouette of a train between switches at  Sinco, near MP 8 on UP’s Strang sub. I couldn’t really see much because it was dark and a refinery tank farm was obstructing my view of the train.

I just happened to turn my head when I was even with the head end, instantly recognizing the iconic profile of EMD spartan cab locomotives. This sight required further investigation, dark and cloudy or not. I was rewarded with a sight that’s become quite uncommon in 2013 – 3 SD40-2’s leading a BNSF manifest train.

As dark as it was, I thought there was no chance to photograph this train. But I found a spot across from a Lyondell employee parking lot that just might have enough light to allow a shot of this rare bird.

BNSF SD40-2 1954 at Pasadena TX

BNSF SD40-2 1954 at Pasadena TX

BNSF SD40-2 1751 at Pasadena TX

A dark and cloudy night isn’t the best of conditions for a photograph, but they’ll suffice for an image of a Dash Two Trio in 2013.

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