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Warbonnets After Dark

January 12, 2013

Enough of the current stuff – let’s go back to the 1960’s and check out some  Santa Fe passenger power after dark. These images are from duplicate slides in my collection. Unfortunately, there’s not much information on the slide mounts, so I’ll let these amazing scenes from nearly 50 years ago speak for themselves.

First up is ATSF E6A 14 holding its train on a cold winter night. I may be wrong, but I believe that this image is at Newton, Kansas. If that’s correct, ATSF 14 is leading the Texas Chief.
ATSF E6A 14, possibly at Newton KS

Next up is what many say is the most beautiful diesel locomotive ever, the Alco PA1. Here we see ATSF 75 is at Fort Worth, TX.  It definitely isn’t on a Texas chief, as trains 15 and 16 were scheduled into Fort Worth at 1:45 and 1:50 PM, respectively.  My guess it’s power for the Angelo, trains 77 / 78 operating between Fort Worth-San Angelo.

ATSF PA1 75 at Fort Worth, TX

Going to the other end of the aesthetic extreme, here’s Santa Fe U30CG 402. Based on what’s visible in the image, it appears to be at Santa Fe’s Argentine engine facility in Kansas City,KS.

ATSF U30CG 402, possibly at Argentine

Finally, here’s another view of ATSF 402. It’s paired up with a U28CG, as the train waits to finish its station stop at Barstow, CA in August of 1968.

ATSF U30CG 402 at Barstow Ca in 8/68I’d be interested in any information you might have about the dates or locations of these 4 slides.

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