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The Inter-American

October 26, 2011

The Inter-American was a passenger train that operated between Laredo and Fort Worth, Texas.  Amtrak inaugurated the service in January, 1973. The route was extended to St Louis in 1974, and to Chicago by 1976. The trains were routed over Missouri Pacific trackage.

The southbound Inter-American departing Fort Worth, TX on May 30, 1974

Budget cuts in 1981 forced Amtrak to eliminate the Laredo to San Antonio segment, prompting Amtrak to drop the Inter-American name. The train was re-named “The Eagle” in honor of the Missouri Pacific passenger trains that traveled this route before Amtrak took over passenger train operations in 1971.

Additional routing adjustments in 1988 resulted in Amtrak re-naming this train the “Texas Eagle“, the name under which this service continues to the present.


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