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Nicest When New

September 11, 2011

No matter how ubiquitous GE locomotives are on the UP (or BNSF for that matter), one can’t help but be impressed when you get a new one leading. That was the case for me on Feb. 26, 2008 when I  came across a QEWWC train with 5-month-old ES44AC 7786 on the point. This calls for a chase, albeit a short one, because I was en route to a client meeting.

The first shot was near MP 15 on UP’s Glidden sub in far southwest Houston.

The train was slowing because it was taking the siding at Missouri City, MP 17, allowing me to get ahead of it in time to catch it going in the east end.

Once the eastbound got by, the DS lined the 7786  out the west end of the siding.

With time for just one more shot, I went for the iconic Sugar Mill shot at MP 25, the east end of Sugar Land.

With that, my 20 minute chase of the QEWWC and its new lead engine was over.

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