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Lucky 13

August 7, 2011

I’ve never been one to maintain any superstitions*, certainly not one based on irrational fear of a particular integer. Specifically, the number 13.

Did you know there are folks that take the superstition about 13 being unlucky so seriously that it becomes an actual phobia. The condition is known as “Triskaidekaphobia

Personally, I don’t have an opinion either way about the number 13 unless it adorns the flank of a sleek Santa Fe E6 locomotive, at which point I become a huge fan of the number 13.

ATSF E6A 13 on Texas Chief passenger train

Santa Fe E6A 13L holds the southbound Texas Chief at Fort Worth, TX in 1966

The Santa Fe was very meticulous with the maintenance and appearance of its passenger equipment. You’d never guess that the 13L was already 26 years old in the above view!

* But I did play it safe, always trying to avoid stepping on sidewalk cracks. Why take unnecessary chances with Mom’s back?

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  1. Mark J. Dinkel permalink
    December 15, 2012 4:47 pm

    Love the Santa Fe E-6. I run no. 13 on the point of the Texas Chief on my O Gauge train setup:

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