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Vintage Burlington Northern Transfer

December 25, 2010

The BN assigned several sets of SD7’s and SD9’s to Fort Worth for use on the numerous transfers to and from its interchange partners.

You could frequently see these transfers in the Tower 55 area as they would have to traverse the renowned interlocking to reach the MP, SP and MKT yards.

C&S and FW&D SD7's at Tower 55 in Fort Worth
C&S 812 and FW&D 857 hold a BN transfer just north of Tower 55 on Aug. 23, 1975

Due to quirks in Colorado and Texas state law, the Colorado & Southern and Fort Worth & Denver were required  to operate as legally independent  subsidiaries of the  CB&Q, later the BN.

It wasn’t until the early 1980’s that changes to state law took place that finally allowed the BN to legally merge the C&S and FW&D into the BN system.

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  1. Mike Sherrer permalink
    December 25, 2010 6:51 pm

    I remember seeing several sets of those units during my many trips thru Ft. Worth

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