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Wye The Power at 47

December 22, 2010

I wasn’t there when the Southern Pacific El Paso roundhouse foreman gave instructions to the hostler, but I suspect the conversation went something like this:

“Wye the power at 47”.

This is how that task looked through the lens of my first 35mm camera, a Minolta SRT-202.

Southern Pacific and Rock Island locomotives at El Paso, Texas

A 5 unit lash-up is being turned at the Tower 47 interlocking in El Paso, TX on Oct. 25, 1978

Tower 47 interlocking is just west of downtown El Paso. It’s where the SP/Rock Island Golden State route joined the Sunset Route.

As this junction was adjacent to the El Paso diesel plant, it was a convenient spot to turn locomotives in preparation for their next trip.

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