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KCS Business Train Surprise – Video

October 12, 2010

The video shows the train at Richmond, the south end of Rosenberg, and at Beasley. There’s also a bonus segment of KCS 4057, a 1×1 grain train, departing Kendleton.

The train layed over at the KCS yard in Kendleton. It departed to Laredo at 0615 this morning.

It’s scheduled to leave Laredo tomorrow morning, 10/13/10, running back to Shreveport with no layovers.

Once the video starts, click where it says 360p at the bottom of the player. It will switch to 480p, greatly improving the quality of the video.

PS-Note the folks scurrying away from the track at the beginning of the video. They arrived a few minutes before the train arrived.
At first I thought they were there for the train.

I was wrong. The gentleman, a “photographer”, had been posing the ladies on the bridge when the gates came down.

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