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UP Veranda Gas Turbine & Big Boy Double Header

September 12, 2010

UP Gas Turbine 65 leads Big Boy 4015 with a solid train of reefers.

I’m pressed to come up with a wilder motive power lash-up than this one. I’d also submit that the sound from this consist at speed must have been amazing.

There’s no date or location on the duplicate slide. Based on the delivery date for UP 65 and the retirement of the Big Boys, the shot was taken between 1955-1958. It appears to be between Cheyenne and North Platte.

For more information about the lead unit, look at an older post that talks about these gas-turbines.

BTW, the older post I did about the Veranda gas-turbines is the most popular post I’ve done, with 208 hits in the 6 months since I posted it.

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  1. Art Reid permalink
    September 24, 2010 6:27 pm

    I just watched Pentrex’s “Classic Collectors’ series: Union Pacific” today and they had color footage of this line up going down the road. They had a clip that looked even stranger- a Big Boy being led by a F3 diesel.

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