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SD60-To M or not to M

July 6, 2010

EMD’s SD60’s locomotives are interesting because they were made in three distinct versions. Between 1984 and 1989, they were equipped with EMD’s venerable spartan cab. From 1990 on, they were equipped with EMD’s  two versions of the North American safety cab.

UP SD60 2185 at Stafford, Texas on August 31, 2006

UP 2185 sports the spartan cab that has been standard on EMD locomotives beginning with the GP35 in 1965.

UP SD60M 2399 at Stafford, Texas on April 19, 2006

UP 2399 has EMD’s first safety cab design. The 3 window design  has been nicknamed Cyclops due to the ungainly appearance of the middle window.

UP SD60M 2438 at Harlem, Texas on January 8, 2010

UP 2438 is equipped with the later cab design. This cab design was used on the SD60M through the SD90MAC.

In all three images, the locomotives are identical below the frame, and from the electrical cabinet back.

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