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Out & About – June 25, 2010

June 25, 2010

I managed to get out for a few hours this morning to see what might be running.

Right off the bat, I heard the DS take up a warrant from the KCS 4106 as it came on to UP trackage at Rosenberg. 20 minutes later it blew by me in Stafford, doing a good 45-50 mph.

The MNLSH (Manifest Nuevo Laredo-Shreveport) passing through Stafford, TX on June 25, 2010.

I didn’t notice it at the time, but the conductor seemed to be in a pretty good mood. (Click the photo to see what I’m referring to….)

Due to the preponderance of southbound tonnage on the KCS, excess power will accumulate in Mexico. From time to time, northbound KCS trains will bring the excess power back to the north end of the KCS system.  The trailing 4 units were dead-in-consist.

I thought I could catch him again either at West Junction or at Willowbend Blvd, but he smoked me.

Since I was only a few miles from BNSF  South yard, I made it my next destination. Upon arrival, a BNSF transfer was shoving back into the bottom of South Yard via the wye at T&NO Junction.

A BNSF Transfer shoving into BNSF South Yard in Houston on June 25, 2010

The head end of the transfer stopped 5-6 cars west of T&NO Junction. I suspected it had run out of room at the top end and would have to drag out to double over. 15 minutes went by with no movement. I was getting ready to give up and head out when I see a headlight heading toward me on a yard track.

BNSF 4994 waiting for the signal to shove back with its double over into South Yard.

Fortunately, the 4994 didn’t need more than a couple of minutes before making the shove.

Shortly after the 4994 cleared up, the BNSF transfer dragged out about 10 cars, stopped, and began his double over. Finally.

An interesting power lash-up makes a reverse move into BNSF South yard in Houston, June 25, 2010

Note the flange lubricator just ahead of the lead unit. With as much screeching that this train made shoving back, I suspect the flange lubricators is out of service.

By this time it was 10:30 A.M. There was plenty of traffic on the radio,but the sun was getting pretty high in the sky for any more photography today…

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