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Sloan Yard, 1901-1996

June 4, 2010

The date is August 12, 1988. It’s a pleasant summer afternoon at the Katy’s Sloan Yard in San Antonio, Texas.

The acquisition of the MKT by the UP has been announced, but it will not become final until 12/1/1990. Yes, there will be some changes, green locomotives will become yellow, some traffic will be re-routed, etc.

At least, that’s what I expected, based on the changes that took place as  a result of the UP/MP merger in 1982.

MKT power congregates under the iconic MKT sign at Sloan Yard on Aug. 12, 1988.

Little did I know that the changes in store for Sloan Yard would be a bit more dramatic.

Katy's Sloan Yard in San Antonio was located in the open area at center of image.

By 1996, the UP had abandoned Sloan Yard.  The Katy’s San Antonio base of operations since 1901, has disappeared.  All that’s left is a large, triangular piece of land.

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  1. S.A. native permalink
    July 30, 2015 6:26 am

    When I was last down that way, it appears the property is starting to be re-developed.

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