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SP SD40T-2 8513 – Before & After

June 1, 2010

SP 8513, an SD40T-2, lays over at Taylor Yard in Los Angeles on Sept. 5, 1986

The remains of SP 8513 on Oct. 28, 1997, 3 days after a fiery head-on collision at West Junction

Information from Don Strack’s essential website,

UP 5530, B2489, 5027, SP 8004, SP 8513, and SP 9712 were involved in a wreck at West Junction (MP 12.6) in Houston, Texas, on 25 October 1997. Following a head-on collision, five of the six units were completely destroyed by the resulting fire. There were no injuries to any of the four crew members. The collision occurred when the westbound 1HOLB25 (1st Section, Houston, Texas, to Long Beach, Calif.) stack train, with UP 5027 (leading), UPB 2489, UP 5530, and SP 9712, and 96 cars, failed to stop at a red signal, colliding with the eastbound 1MTUHO21 (1st Section, Manifest, Turlock, Calif., to Houston, Texas) autorack train, with SP 8004 (leading) and SP 8513 and 63 cars. Five of the six units involved were retired. The sixth unit, SSW 9712, sustained major frame damage and was removed from the wreck site. UP 5530, B2489, SP 8004, and SP 8513 were retired on 4 December 1997. UP 5027 was retired on 5 December 1997.

The remains of the 8513 were dragged to this set-out track about a mile west of the collision site. It was scrapped at this location several weeks after the photo was taken.

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