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Right Way Rock Train – Before & After

May 5, 2010

I recently posted about a Wrong Way Rock Train. In order that I be fair and balanced here at Southwest Rails, I’d like to show you a “right way rock train”. “Right way” in that a loaded train traveling in accordance with the normal traffic pattern, i.e. away from quarries at Beckman.

SP B30-7 7834 holds a BMDYL rock train at the east end of Englewood Yard, Sept. 29, 1981

Extra 7834 East, the BMDYL (Beckman, TX – Dayton, TX Loads) is parked in front of the Englewood Yard Office, waiting for a new crew to take it the last 30 miles to Dayton. Note the solid set of Ortner aggregate cars.

You might be wondering how can I have a Before & After post with only one picture. This picture is the before view. The after view is the picture of CSXT 7636 in the preceding post. The CSXT 7636 is one track over on Main 1,  within 10-20 feet from where the SP 7834 is pictured above.

What plant changes took place between 1981 and 2010? First, the signal next to the trailing motor has been removed. The hump bypass track, at left in the above image, now converges with Main 2 near where the rear truck of the SP 7834 is. The last change I see is the crossover from Main 2 to Main 1 has been re-located about 200′ east, close to where the cab of the trailing unit is above.

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