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Eastbound at Woodford – Pic of the Day

April 19, 2010

An eastbound Santa Fe manifest approaches an SP helper set at Woodford, CA in June of 1980

The early morning stillness at Woodford is shattered with the approach of an eastbound Santa Fe manifest in June of 1980. The train, led by SD45-2 5698,  is battling the 2.2% Tehachapi grade in run-8 with a healthy dose of sand. The Woodford set-out track is occupied with an SP helper set, led by brand-new SD40T-2’s 8270 and 8267.

Isn’t the quality of the sunlight on this shot incredible? Amazing what being 2500′ above sea level can do for a photo. Note the San Joaquin Valley smog in the distant background.

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