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Carpetbagging in Fort Worth – Part 2

March 28, 2010

No sooner had the UP 8098’s DPU passed under our position,  a NB BNSF manifest came into view. We moved over to the west side of the overpass to get the sun, albeit backlit, on the train.

The 4 trains visible in this photo illustrate just how much rail traffic passes through Tower 55

On the next track over is a NB UP manifest that’s tied down. It was visible in the background of pic #6 of the previous post. In the distant background, you can see the cars from the UP 8098 and the power for a NB freight awaiting its turn through Tower 55.

BNSF 7488 slows to a stop, adjacent to a UP manifest also awaiting its turn through Tower 55.

The 2 NB's cool their heels as 2 UP GP60's have just cleared the plant, traveling south.

Two UP GP60’s were next, passing SB through the interlocking. Once again we had to run to the other end of the overpass to get into position to photograph the next engines.

GP60's 2011 and 1978 about to pass under the Hattie Street overpass

Once the light power got by us, we packed it in. Even though there was still plenty of light and trains, we had to return to family matters, especially the prospect of a fajita dinner.

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