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Backlit Bi-Centennial in Mercedes, Texas

March 11, 2010

MP GP18 1976 passes eastward through Mercedes, TX on Aug. 11, 1978

In my recent post about chasing this train, I remarked how difficult it was trying to photograph a train coming out of the sun. It was late afternoon with the train going east. What can you really do?

You improvise. This shot from that chase is a good example. The more I could point the camera away from the sun, the better.

By using a wide-angle lens here, it allowed the train to come more into the right side of the frame. This  minimized, as much as possible, the direct sun coming into the lens.

Notice how the sky on the left side in a nice shade of blue, while the right side is totally washed out.

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  1. April 25, 2010 11:48 am

    Far south Texas pictures are a real gem be they MP, SP, or TM. Getting the bicent is just cream on top!

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