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Burlington Northern Variety Pack

March 6, 2010

Line-up of Burlington Northern power at New South Yard in Houston, Jan 15, 1989

The appearance of Burlington Northern motive power underwent a series of changes in 1985, continuing on through the merger with the Santa Fe in 1996.

The above view at HB&T’s ( Houston Belt & Terminal) New South Yard illustrates the changes through 1988.  From left to right:

BN 3155 is in the “tiger stripe” scheme that the BN specified for the 1985 order of GP50’s, 3110-3162. This scheme was first tested on SD40-2 8002.

BN 8000 wears the classic green & black that was standard for BN power between 1972 and 1985.

OWY (Oakway) SD60 9039 is in EMD demonstrator colors. 100 SD60’s, 9000-9099, were leased by the BN, from Oakway, an EMD subsidiary, in 1986.

LMX 8589, a B39-8, is in version 1.0 of a gray/white/red scheme that was applied to 100 units leased from GE late 1987 and early 1988.

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