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Power Re-balancing on the KCS

February 15, 2010

Most railroads have directional traffic and/or tonnage imbalances. The KCS and TFM have more southbound tonnage going to Mexico which creates imbalances of motive power at the south end of their system.

These imbalances are corrected by loading up northbound trains with the excess units. Railroad operating rules require that any units beyond what’s needed for the tonnage at hand be isolated to conserve fuel.

TFM SD70MAC leads 5 other KCS/TFM units with an EB* through Stafford, TX on Oct. 11, 2006

TFM SD70MAC 1603 and KCS AC4400CW 4617 have 4 additional motors DIC (dead in consist) as they pass through Stafford, TX on Oct. 11, 2006.

*KCS traffic through here is North-South. I say the above train is eastbound because it’s operating on the UP, via trackage rights stemming from the UP/SP merger. Trains on the Glidden sub are deemed eastbound / westbound.

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