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Kodachrome Santa Fe 5808 Gets Around

February 11, 2010

Santa Fe SD45-2 5808 leads 7 other units through Cleburne, Texas July 10, 1987

Santa Fe Kodachrome SD45-2 5808 is leading a manifest through Cleburne, Texas with a consist of power that appears to be out of proportion for a train of gondolas in the flat part of Texas.

Santa Fe 5808 brings a588 intermodal train through Verdemont, CA on Jan. 24, 1988

Six and a half months later I encountered the 5808 leading 2 other SD45-2’s and a SD40-2 with a 588 train. The consist is in dynamics as there’s another 5-6 more miles of 2.2% descending grade until it levels out at the San Bernardino Depot.

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