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Sometimes You Get Sun,Sometimes the Sun Gets You

February 10, 2010

UP SD40-2 3714 with the KCIAT through Stafford, TX on March 7, 2007

It was going to be an awesome shot-an SD40-2 handling a UP stack train.

Setting up here at one of my favorite spots (it’s close to home) I could tell the sun was going to be hit or miss. As the train came around the curve in the distance, it was in bright sun.

Too bad, because I’m half a mile down the track, under a monster cloud. Out of disgust, I didn’t want to take the picture.

As you can see, I took the picture anyway. I did because it was cool seeing an SD40-2 on an intermodal. Looking back, I’m really glad I ignored my disgust.

Little did I know that what was uncommon in 2007 would become virtually impossible in 2010.

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