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UP 9401 East – Pic of the Day

February 3, 2010

UP 9401 East passing through Stafford, Texas on Feb. 18, 2007

I’ve never particularly cared for shots looking up at a train. Whenever I’ve tried to get a shot from a low perspective, it never seems to look right. I’m either too low and the train looks distorted, or I’m not low enough to get the different perspective I wanted. But every so often, I’ll get a shot from the lower point-of-view that I actually like.

This shot of an EB UP manifest on Feb. 18, 2007 just works, IMO. I like being able to see daylight below the pilot. I also like being able to see the wheels  from both sides making contact with the railhead. I think that having the camera very close to the same height as the rail is the key to making this angle work.

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