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They Only Come Out at Night

February 1, 2010

When one thinks of nocturnal creatures, what comes to mind ? Vampires, zombies (I think…) and Amtrak trains in the Houston area. The current schedule puts #1, the WB Sunset Limited into the station at 9:13 PM.  Eastbound counterpart #2 is carded into Houston at 4:40 A.M.

Train #1 has always been an evening arrival into Houston. Train#2, until a few years ago, was scheduled into Houston at 9:50 A.M. This schedule allowed me to catch #2 in pretty decent light as it passed through the Sugar Land/Stafford area.

Amtrak Train #2, The Sunset Limited passing through Stafford, TX on Feb. 5, 2006

I didn’t notice it at the time I took the picture, but there’s no baggage car on this train.

As with the last shot I posted of #2, today’s train had two private cars bringing up the rear of the train.

These gentlemen have the best seat in the house as the Sunset Limited passes through Stafford, TX

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