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Smithers Lake Coal Train – Pic of the Day

January 29, 2010

3 SD70MAC's deliver another load of Powder River Basin coal to the HL&P Parrish Plant just outside of Rosenberg, TX on Dec. 27, 1997

BN 9471 and 2 other SD70MAC’s cross a bayou less than a mile from the entrance to the W.A. Parrish generating plant on Dec. 27, 1997. This plant typically receives 2-3 trainsets a day of PRB coal.

Today, the BNSF refers to this plant as the Smithers Lake Plant (symboled SLP), for the semi-artificial lake almost wholly within the site’s confines.

The W. A. Parish Station has been providing electrical generation for the greater Houston area since 1958.  Today, this facility produces enough electricity to make it the largest fossil fuel power plant in the country. The amount of electricity produced at the station has the capability of supplying over three million homes.

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