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Retro Cantilever Signal – Update

January 28, 2010

I speculated about an old cantilever signal in an earlier post.  I’ve gotten some information from members of that clears up some of my questions.

T-O member atsf90mph downloaded a google earth image that shows the signal as it appears now:

Current view of the UP signal at Bauxite Jct. AR - © Google Earth

Based on information from the MoPac Historical Society, this signal likely dates to the 1946-1948 time frame, when the MP did numerous upgrades to this line.

This nearly 70 year-old signal bridge appears to be in the twilight of its career, as the UP is upgrading signals in this area.

Signal structure transition at South Poplar Bluff, MO on March 21, 2008. © Zach Pumphery

Train Orders member Zach Pumphery was kind enough to share the above image showing the UP’s upgrading to modern signal structures on this same stretch of ex-MP trackage.

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